• BASS 011798

    Springtime bass fishing is probably everyone’s favorite season of the year to fish. Marty Robinson shares his 3 favorite baits to use in the spring when the water is still cold. A crankbait is his number one bait that he knows he could use on any lake and catch something. There are always tough days,… Read more »

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  • Takahiro Omori - 2016 Bassmaster Champion at Wheeler Lake

    After day 3 of the Bassmaster Elite series tournament at Wheeler Lake, Takahiro Omori was still behind Dave Lefebre. Watch Takahiro in action on the final day. He was “spot fishing” which means he was fishing very shallow on a certain shell bar which he called a feeding spot. On that final day, Takahiro had… Read more »

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  • Mimicking Shad Bait Fish

    Randy Tharp reminiscences on the stress and the pure joy he had on the final day of the 2016 Bassmaster Elite Series on Bull Shoals/Norfork Lakes in Mountain Home, Arkansas. See and hear him talk about his one last cast. The field on the Elite series is the strongest it’s ever been and it meant… Read more »

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  • BASS 013388f_33686u_c 2016 Bassmaster Elite Series - Bull Shoals-Norfork Lakes PREMIUM

    The third stop of the 2016 Bassmaster Elite Series took place on Bull Shoals and Norfork Lakes in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Knowing these were two very different lakes, Randy Tharp worked to develop a pattern during his days of practice before the tournament. Join Randy and Tommy Sanders in the studio as they discuss the… Read more »

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  • BASS 013330f_33684u_c Britt Myers - 2016 Winyah Bay Champion PREMIUM

    Britt Myers is the Huk Bassmaster Elite Champion at Winyah Bay. He had a huge day two and outlasted everyone on the fourth and final day to win it in his home state. Mark Zona talks about the lure that helped Britt catch quality bass. Also, take a peek at the location of the next… Read more »

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  • chris-lane-on-selecting-rods-like-a-pro-013074

    Need some help selecting a rod? Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Chris Lane shares insight on what he looks for when it comes to length and the action of the rod. He explains why the action of the rod is crucial when you are fishing frogs, flipping, using crankbaits, and more. Also, find out what Chris… Read more »

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  • 013077f_33680u_c

    Join Tommy Sanders and Rick Clunn as they discuss the start of the 2016 Bassmaster Elite Series at St. Johns River in Palatka, Florida. Rick shares where he was fishing and what he was throwing that helped him be successful and come out on top as the 2016 St. Johns River Champion.

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  • 011809f_33668u_c

    Figuring out the direction fish want the bait coming to or from can be key in boat positioning. In this Bassmaster Academy video, Ott Defoe shares 3 important guidelines on boat positioning. The first is taking into account any current that is on the lake. Follow Ott’s boat positioning guidelines and catch more bass.

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  • 0011792f_33651u_c

    Learn about reel gear ratios from Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Chris Lane. In this Bassmaster Academy video, Chris discusses the different gear ratios and what works best in different situations.

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