• BASS 011788f_33647u_c Browning Rod Selection

    Mike Suchan is with Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Stephen Browning and has questions about selecting the perfect rod for his fishing situation. Stephen demonstrates the differences in the action of 3 different rods and suggests that you pair your rod up with the technique you are using. Learn important rod selection information in this Bassmaster… Read more »

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  • chris lane organization 011795

    Hear a few tips from Chris Lane on what he likes to do when getting ready for a tournament. Being organized is a definite plus and can help keep you mentally focused on what you are trying to do.

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  • 011785f_33644u_c Browning Spinnerbait

    Hear Stephen Browning’s tips on spinner baits and spinner bait blade combinations. He has several and explains what they are and when to use them. Try Stephen’s tips, experiment with blade combinations and you should start to catch more fish on a “re-born” spinner bait!

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  • 011807f_33666u_c-marty-robinson-tough-day-fishing-advice

    Every fisherman has tough days. To get you through, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Marty Robinson has some tips you can try. He shares a few adjustments that may help you get some bites when no one else is catching anything.

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  • 011800f_33659u_c

    Marty Robinson gives a few tips on approaching a body of water that you haven’t fished before. A good place to start is doing research on the internet. Once you have your information you’ll learn how to approach the lake. Try using Marty’s advice and get better results.

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  • 011812f_33671u_c

    The shape and angle of a crankbait bill can tell you exactly what it does. Ott Defoe discusses four different crankbaits and the action that each one has, as well as selecting the right crankbait for the water temperature you are fishing in. Use his tips for picking out the right crankbait and catch more… Read more »

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  • 011786f_33645u_c

    Stephen Browning is in the studio to talk about the chatterbait style of baits and specifically the different chatterbait trailers. He discusses the split tail, double paddle tail and paddle style trailers and the best time to use each. You’ll learn the importance of varying the trailers you use depending on the conditions.

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  • 011816f_33675u_c

    Have you ever thought about your sunglass lens color when fishing? Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Ott Defoe shares a tip on how to select the right color sunglass lens for the condition you are facing. It does make a difference and using the right color lens on the right day may help you catch more… Read more »

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  • 011817f_33676u_c

    Want to learn how to tie a leader? Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Ott Defoe, demonstrates the way he ties a braid fluorocarbon leader. Watch and learn and then practice tying one yourself.

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