Tournament Techniques

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  • chris lane organization 011795

    Hear a few tips from Chris Lane on what he likes to do when getting ready for a tournament. Being organized is a definite plus and can help keep you mentally focused on what you are trying to do.

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  • 011807f_33666u_c-marty-robinson-tough-day-fishing-advice

    Every fisherman has tough days. To get you through, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Marty Robinson has some tips you can try. He shares a few adjustments that may help you get some bites when no one else is catching anything.

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  • 010301f_33620U_c

    Mark Zona and Aaron Martens, the 2015 Lake Havasu Champion, discuss the ultra-clear water of Lake Havasu. Aaron has tips to take when the fish can see you. Also watch highlights from the tournament and feel the excitement as Aaron catches his 5th “keeper” and earns the nickname “Havasu Hog Snatcher”.

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  • 010300f_33619U_c

    Aaron Martins, winner of the Elite Series tournament at Lake Havasu, Arizona, and Mark Zona, discuss the interesting way Aaron got the job done. Learn what he was doing differently and how flipping in the vegetation paid off!

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  • BASS 010243u_33618u_c 2

    Join Tommy Sanders and Mark Zona in the studio as they recap the first three events of the year and see the large bass that were pulled in during these events. Also look ahead to the next events at Kentucky Lake, St. Lawrence River, Chesapeake Bay, Lake St. Clair and then wrapping up the season… Read more »

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  • BASS 010241u_33616u_c PREMIUM

    Local knowledge was important and it was a local winner that brought home the trophy on this third stop of the Bassmaster Elite series on the Sacramento River. Justin Lucas talks about his game plan and how growing up on the Delta helped him understand the tides. He discusses the key bites on day three… Read more »

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  • 013077f_33680u_c

    Join Tommy Sanders and Rick Clunn as they discuss the start of the 2016 Bassmaster Elite Series at St. Johns River in Palatka, Florida. Rick shares where he was fishing and what he was throwing that helped him be successful and come out on top as the 2016 St. Johns River Champion.

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  • 013075f_33678u_c

    It’s an exciting new season! Join Tommy Sanders and Mark Zona as they look at the first 3 tournaments of the 2016 Bassmaster Elite Series. The first tournament is at St. Johns River in Palatka, Florida. See Greg Hackney work his magic and pull in a big one and then see the legendary Rick Clunn… Read more »

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  • 010306f_33625U_c

    Edwin Evers was the 2015 St. Lawrence River champion which made him the 1st ever Bassmaster Elite Series back-to-back champion! Hear him talk about this tournament and how it was different. Edwin shares how he used a rotation of baits to get fish to react after he saw them and more!

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  • 010303f_33622U_c

    The 2015 Zippo Bassmaster BassFest took place at Kentucky Lake in Paris, Tennessee. Nine- time Bassmaster winner and champion of this tournament, Edwin Evers, talks with Mark Zona about his game plan and shares the different lures he used throughout the tournament. See the game changer he caught on the last day. It was the… Read more »

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  • BASS 010239f_33614u_c PREMIUM

    Join Tommy Sanders, Skeet Reese and Mark Zona on stop #2 of the 2015 Bassmaster Elite Series on Lake Guntersville. Hear Skeet explain his two prong approach in this tournament and what he was given by Byron Velvick that helped him. Fishing was slow but Skeet got bigger bites and pulled off his second win… Read more »

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  • Sabine River - 2015 Bassmaster Elite Series

    Weather was an issue at the start of the 2015 season on the Sabine River in Orange, Texas. The rain and changing weather conditions was something the anglers had to deal with. Get a glimpse of Aaron Martens, Mike McClelland and Todd Faircloth. Also, watch Shaw Grigsby and his valiant attempt to catch the fish… Read more »

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