Jigging Spoons For Down-Deep Bass

On a cold December day, nothing warms John Murray up faster or better than reeling bass up to his boat one after another. This Bassmaster Elite Series pro from Phoenix, Ariz., isn’t stymied by the chill of this 12th month or the fact that most bass are now hanging down deep. On the contrary, he… Read more »

Waking Up Big November Catches

The injured shad swims on the water’s slick surface, finning back-and-forth at a slow, vulnerable pace. As it struggles, it trails a V-shaped wake behind, an arrow pointing out the minnow’s location to any predator fish lurking nearby. Wham! It’s just too easy a target for the bass to pass up. The shad disappears in… Read more »

How to Target Deep Structure Bass

Everybody knows that when fall arrives and the first few cold fronts begin lowering water temperature, shad and bass move to the backs of the creeks where the latter gorge on the former, storing up fat reserves for winter. Anglers crowd together on shallow flats and fling lipless crankbaits, soft plastic stickbaits and other shad-type… Read more »

The Mystery Bass of Summer

A few years back, Ben Parker faced an intimidating fishing challenge. Side-scan sonar technology had just hit the market, and Parker, a pro angler and guide from Samburg, Tenn., was “lost in the forest.” “I had no idea how this new technology worked, didn’t know how to turn it on,” he remembers. “But I realized… Read more »