Another Boat Toy to Enjoy

There’s no end to what Bassmaster pros will bolt onto their boats. Today’s rigs have become as much of a laboratory for locating fish as they are fishin’ boats. Well, add another item to your wish list: a camera. Not just any camera, but a GoPro — a small, lightweight, versatile and durable camera that… Read more »

Clunn’s Technology Conundrum

Professional bass fishing is an ever-advancing sport. Unlike basketball or baseball, which have seen relatively few fundamental changes, bass fishing is radically different from its 1960s genesis. Technological advances have influenced the aforementioned games but nowhere near to the degree of bass fishing. Being one of the sport’s oldest competitors, four-time Bassmaster Classic champion Rick… Read more »

The Digital Age of Trolling is Now

A trolling’s motor role on a bass boat has remained pretty basic over the years: Provide control of the boat’s direction and offer a responsive, reliable and powerful hands-free approach while fishing. What else is there? Well, new technologies involving GPS and computer chips are finding their way into a new generation of trolling motors… Read more »

Can You See Me Now?

Have you ever backed a trailer down a narrow ramp at night and hit something unexpectedly, or missed the sweet spot on the ramp? Ever try to find something in the boat or work in the battery compartment during those predawn darkness periods? Or have you driven through a drenching rainstorm or fog and struggled… Read more »

Louie Stout, senior writer, BASSMASTER

TLC For Boat Baits

You should see how Bassmaster Elite Series pro Aaron Martens pampers the lures and tackle that he carries in his boat. “I know I carry as much or more tackle — and different stuff — than anyone on tour,” Martens says. “I can’t believe how most guys just throw their lures around without any concern… Read more »