Bass in the Slush

Usually by the time the snow begins to fly with regularity, most bass anglers have stowed the boat for the season. Freezing cold water and inclement weather signals the end of bass season. To which Kevin VanDam says: Pshaw. “I’ve had to break ice to get on the lake a lot of times,” says VanDam,… Read more »

What Dave Smith Throws in November

For Bassmaster Elite Series pro Dave Smith, November is an ideal month to hit the lake (when he’s not toting a deer rifle). “It’s finally cool out!” he says of the dropping temperatures. “Plus, this time of year the bass are eating a lot and putting on body weight for the winter. Bass and baitfish… Read more »

The Midnight Crawl

Veteran fishing guide Dean Stroman can hook you up with Lake Fork’s lunkers any time of year. If you hire him for a summer fishing venture, be sure to take a long afternoon nap before meeting him at Axton’s Bass City marina. Stroman avoids the sweltering summer heat by fishing at night. He also claims… Read more »

The Game of Smallmouth Hi-Lo

Born into current, riverine brown bass are aggressive strikers, powerful fighters and explosive acrobats. Every angler wants in on that action. But to be a successful river fisherman, you must learn to adapt. Free-flowing rivers are in a constant state of flux, which leads to shifting fish locations — along with necessary adjustments in fishing… Read more »