Blades with Magnitude

With all the emphasis on square bills, finesse tactics and deep-diving crankers, spinnerbaits are getting short shrift these days. That’s especially true of spinnerbaits towing a magnum blade. There appears to be a growing consensus that our bass have become too educated to be duped by the common spinnerbait. But few Elite Series pros believe… Read more »

International Recon: Spy Baiting Revealed

David Swendseid recalls the secrecy that shrouded “flick shaking” before he brought it to the U.S. for Jackall Lures a few years ago. The research and development specialist sees a similar situation playing out with Japan’s latest emerging technique called “spy baiting” that incorporates a new hybrid of lures, often called “screw baits.” “Flick shaking… Read more »

Baits That Beat the Heat

Having trouble catching bass during the “dog days” of summer? You may need to ­re-evaluate your lure selection and presentation methods. We asked two leading Bassmaster Elite Series pros to share their summer lure picks and provide inside tips on presenting these baits in a variety of summer scenarios. Lures For Probing Shallow Cover “Lakes… Read more »