A Trail(er) for Success

It’s assumed that jigs — those made for flipping, pitching, skipping, swimming and all those football applications — will carry something in their back pocket. Indeed, trailers are pretty standard, but random selection will net you random results. Savvy anglers match specific trailers to specific scenarios based on a handful of key factors. Variations are… Read more »

Blades with Magnitude

With all the emphasis on square bills, finesse tactics and deep-diving crankers, spinnerbaits are getting short shrift these days. That’s especially true of spinnerbaits towing a magnum blade. There appears to be a growing consensus that our bass have become too educated to be duped by the common spinnerbait. But few Elite Series pros believe… Read more »

Rock On

At the end of the day, it’s all hard structure, but rock is not just rock. In fact, the nation’s lakes and rivers offer several types of natural and man-made rocky shorelines. From a riprap jetty guarding a commercial marina to dark rocks holding a little more heat to rock veins extending into the lake… Read more »

Jigging Spoons For Down-Deep Bass

On a cold December day, nothing warms John Murray up faster or better than reeling bass up to his boat one after another. This Bassmaster Elite Series pro from Phoenix, Ariz., isn’t stymied by the chill of this 12th month or the fact that most bass are now hanging down deep. On the contrary, he… Read more »

Another Boat Toy to Enjoy

There’s no end to what Bassmaster pros will bolt onto their boats. Today’s rigs have become as much of a laboratory for locating fish as they are fishin’ boats. Well, add another item to your wish list: a camera. Not just any camera, but a GoPro — a small, lightweight, versatile and durable camera that… Read more »

Bass in the Slush

Usually by the time the snow begins to fly with regularity, most bass anglers have stowed the boat for the season. Freezing cold water and inclement weather signals the end of bass season. To which Kevin VanDam says: Pshaw. “I’ve had to break ice to get on the lake a lot of times,” says VanDam,… Read more »

What Dave Smith Throws in November

For Bassmaster Elite Series pro Dave Smith, November is an ideal month to hit the lake (when he’s not toting a deer rifle). “It’s finally cool out!” he says of the dropping temperatures. “Plus, this time of year the bass are eating a lot and putting on body weight for the winter. Bass and baitfish… Read more »

Waking Up Big November Catches

The injured shad swims on the water’s slick surface, finning back-and-forth at a slow, vulnerable pace. As it struggles, it trails a V-shaped wake behind, an arrow pointing out the minnow’s location to any predator fish lurking nearby. Wham! It’s just too easy a target for the bass to pass up. The shad disappears in… Read more »