Lure Techniques

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  • 011785f_33644u_c Browning Spinnerbait

    Hear Stephen Browning’s tips on spinner baits and spinner bait blade combinations. He has several and explains what they are and when to use them. Try Stephen’s tips, experiment with blade combinations and you should start to catch more fish on a “re-born” spinner bait!

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  • 0011792f_33651u_c

    Learn about reel gear ratios from Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Chris Lane. In this Bassmaster Academy video, Chris discusses the different gear ratios and what works best in different situations.

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  • 011812f_33671u_c

    The shape and angle of a crankbait bill can tell you exactly what it does. Ott Defoe discusses four different crankbaits and the action that each one has, as well as selecting the right crankbait for the water temperature you are fishing in. Use his tips for picking out the right crankbait and catch more

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  • 011790f_33649u_c

    When the fish aren’t biting, what do pros go to? Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Chris Lane shares what bait he has confidence in and how it works. Think back to what has worked for you in the past or try a soft plastic and have confidence that you’ll get a bite.

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  • 011817f_33676u_c

    Want to learn how to tie a leader? Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Ott Defoe, demonstrates the way he ties a braid fluorocarbon leader. Watch and learn and then practice tying one yourself.

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  • 011783f_33642u_c

    Are hooks made the same or designed to do the same thing? The answer is no and Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Stephen Browning provides tips on hook diameters and what kind of line and rod action to use with them and more. Think about the situation you are going to be fishing in, match your

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  • BASS 011814f_33673u_c Ott Defoe Jig Trailers

    Learn about jig trailers from Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Ott Defoe. In this Bassmaster Academy video, Ott shares how he chooses the trailer that he puts on the back of a jig. Learn how he keeps it simple as he shows his favorites and talks about the action and colors he likes to use.

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  • 011803f_33662u_c-Marty-Robinson-Jig-Preference

    Jig fishing is a great springtime technique. In this Bassmaster Academy video, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Marty Robinson has two different jigs and shares what conditions are best to use each in.

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  • chris-lane-on-selecting-rods-like-a-pro-013074

    Need some help selecting a rod? Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Chris Lane shares insight on what he looks for when it comes to length and the action of the rod. He explains why the action of the rod is crucial when you are fishing frogs, flipping, using crankbaits, and more. Also, find out what Chris

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  • 011786f_33645u_c

    Stephen Browning is in the studio to talk about the chatterbait style of baits and specifically the different chatterbait trailers. He discusses the split tail, double paddle tail and paddle style trailers and the best time to use each. You’ll learn the importance of varying the trailers you use depending on the conditions.

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  • BASS 010758f_33636u_p

    Understand the basics of crankbait bass fishing. It’s one of the most effective ways to cover water quickly, but you need the right tools for the job.

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  • 010755f_33633u_c

    Get the 101 on fishing spinnerbaits with this informative Bassmaster video. MC Dave Mercer presents the top two most popular baits to cast, the Willowleaf and the Colorado Blade. Dave identifies where and when each spinnerbait is most effective. There are so many things you can do with a spinnerbait other than just casting it

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