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    Have you ever thought about your sunglass lens color when fishing? Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Ott Defoe shares a tip on how to select the right color sunglass lens for the condition you are facing. It does make a difference and using the right color lens on the right day may help you catch more… Read more »

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    Fall can be one of the toughest seasons of the year for bass fishing and Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Marty Robinson has tips to share about this season of fishing. Bait fish are typically plentiful so trying to match the bait fish is key. Marty discusses working your bait faster in the fall as well.

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  • 011789f_33648u_c CHRIS LANE BOAT POSITIION - FREE

    Understand how important boat position is from Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Chris Lane. Power poles and positioning your boat are key in helping you catch more fish. Chris gives a great example!

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  • Bobby Lane Fishing at Kentucky Lake | Bassmaster

    Bobby Lane stays focused on this slower morning on the last day of the tournament on Kentucky Lake. Bobby talks about what he’s been using and how he’s caught the fish in previous days of the tournament and what he is doing now that there is no current and no wind. The conditions make it… Read more »

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  • Mark Davis - When to fish wood, and rocks 008116f_33492u_c

    When would fishing near rock or wood be your best choice? Mark Davis provides tips as he discusses water temperature, time of year, and water depth. Different scenarios can make fishing near rock and wood successful.

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  • Bass Fishing Tips: Spring Fish in Grass | Bassmaster Academy

    There are a lot of variables to fishing in the spring. Spring can be pre-spawn, spawn or post-spawn. Join Mark Davis as he provides spring bass fishing tips and the reasons why he will pick fishing grass over wood or rock.

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  • BASS 011798

    Springtime bass fishing is probably everyone’s favorite season of the year to fish. Marty Robinson shares his 3 favorite baits to use in the spring when the water is still cold. A crankbait is his number one bait that he knows he could use on any lake and catch something. There are always tough days,… Read more »

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  • Boat Position for Fishing Bass - Bass Fishing Video

    Cody Bird provides helpful tips for positioning your boat when fishing for bass. Learn how to efficiently position your boat and see how having your boat in the correct position allows you to stay in control of your bait. Also, find out how to use the position of your fishing boat to your advantage when… Read more »

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  • Top Water Bass Fishing Technique - Bass Fishing Video

    Mark Kile presents his technique for top water bass fishing and provides helpful tips for executing this technique correctly. Especially when you are dealing with cruisers. Find out what bait he uses and see him demonstrating his sight fishing technique. Improve in your fishing skills today by practicing this top water bass fishing technique.

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  • Bait For Bass During Spawning Season - Bass Fishing Video

    Ishama Monroe presents a few helpful tips regarding the bait for bass to use during the spawning season. Learn how to use sunlight to your advantage when you are fishing in the Bass beds and see how the Bass react to spawning baits. Find out where the spawning is taking place in this fishing video.

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  • The Spawning Process

    How do you find Bass beds? Well, Shaw Grigsby teaches you the spawning process as well as provides helpful tips for finding Bass beds. Find out about sand rings and see where Bass usually drop their eggs. Learn that Bass don’t feed out of hunger during the spawn, but they are protecting their young. Improve… Read more »

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  • Day on the Lake: Fall Fishing Patterns

    Chris Lane is at Lake Monticello in central Arkansas, looking for a winning pattern on a lake that is unfamiliar to him. One of the best fall fishing patterns is when shad move up to get in warmer water and so do the bass. Vegetation holds heat which is key when the weather has been… Read more »

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