Bodies of Water

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    Marty Robinson gives a few tips on approaching a body of water that you haven’t fished before. A good place to start is doing research on the internet. Once you have your information you’ll learn how to approach the lake. Try using Marty’s advice and get better results.

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  • 011789f_33648u_c CHRIS LANE BOAT POSITIION - FREE

    Understand how important boat position is from Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Chris Lane. Power poles and positioning your boat are key in helping you catch more fish. Chris gives a great example!

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    Hear important tips and techniques from Bassmaster Elite Stephen Browning on how to fish a river system. He joins Tommy Sanders to share his expertise. Understanding how the current and lack of current on a river system position the fish is a key to having success. Another key to river fishing is throwing multiple casts

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  • Shallow Water Fishing with Lipless Crankbaits

    Weather conditions will determine where you will find bass in the water. Watch as Dean Rojas provides helpful tips for determining the right location on the lake when you find yourself fishing in windy weather. Also, see how Dean finds success when fishing with lipless crankbaits in shallow waters.

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  • Having Backup Bass Bait

    Having a backup plan when the bass are not biting what you are throwing is the key to success according to Bassmaster Pro Dean Rojas. Watch as Dean creates his plan of attack and also get some great tips from Mark Zona on how to switch from using a lipless crankbait to a spinnerbait and

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  • Reaction Bites with Bass Fishing Bait

    Dean Rojas emphasizes the importance of paying attention to where you cast and how you bring it in. Learn a few helpful techniques for determining the fishes reaction to your bass fishing bait. Find out what he does for creating a pattern for himself and watch as the number of bites he gets soars.

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