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  • BASS 011798

    Springtime bass fishing is probably everyone’s favorite season of the year to fish. Marty Robinson shares his 3 favorite baits to use in the spring when the water is still cold. A crankbait is his number one bait that he knows he could use on any lake and catch something. There are always tough days,

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  • Boat Position for Fishing Bass - Bass Fishing Video

    Cody Bird provides helpful tips for positioning your boat when fishing for bass. Learn how to efficiently position your boat and see how having your boat in the correct position allows you to stay in control of your bait. Also, find out how to use the position of your fishing boat to your advantage when

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  • Top Water Bass Fishing Technique - Bass Fishing Video

    Mark Kile presents his technique for top water bass fishing and provides helpful tips for executing this technique correctly. Especially when you are dealing with cruisers. Find out what bait he uses and see him demonstrating his sight fishing technique. Improve in your fishing skills today by practicing this top water bass fishing technique.

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  • BASS 011814f_33673u_c Ott Defoe Jig Trailers

    Learn about jig trailers from Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Ott Defoe. In this Bassmaster Academy video, Ott shares how he chooses the trailer that he puts on the back of a jig. Learn how he keeps it simple as he shows his favorites and talks about the action and colors he likes to use.

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  • 011803f_33662u_c-Marty-Robinson-Jig-Preference

    Jig fishing is a great springtime technique. In this Bassmaster Academy video, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Marty Robinson has two different jigs and shares what conditions are best to use each in.

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  • chris-lane-on-selecting-rods-like-a-pro-013074

    Need some help selecting a rod? Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Chris Lane shares insight on what he looks for when it comes to length and the action of the rod. He explains why the action of the rod is crucial when you are fishing frogs, flipping, using crankbaits, and more. Also, find out what Chris

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  • 011809f_33668u_c

    Figuring out the direction fish want the bait coming to or from can be key in boat positioning. In this Bassmaster Academy video, Ott Defoe shares 3 important guidelines on boat positioning. The first is taking into account any current that is on the lake. Follow Ott’s boat positioning guidelines and catch more bass.

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  • Bass Equipment

    Bassmaster Pro Stephen Browning presents the best bass equipment to use for fishing in heavy cover. Having strong, durable fishing equipment ensures a greater chance of not only catching a fish but also reeling it in without your bait getting caught on anything in the water. See Stephen fish with 20 pound line and learn

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  • Fishing Points Make a Difference

    Aaron Martens explains as he is fishing on Lake Guntersville, “Typically, I took a point apart by casting parallel to either side, and then fishing the end by casting upriver and working the lure down current.” Find out how the best fishing points of the lake for him were actually known as the worst areas

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