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  • BASS 013388f_33686u_c 2016 Bassmaster Elite Series - Bull Shoals-Norfork Lakes PREMIUM

    The third stop of the 2016 Bassmaster Elite Series took place on Bull Shoals and Norfork Lakes in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Knowing these were two very different lakes, Randy Tharp worked to develop a pattern during his days of practice before the tournament. Join Randy and Tommy Sanders in the studio as they discuss the… Read more »

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  • bass-013328f_33682u_c-2016-bassmaster-elite-series-winyah-bay-premium

    Join us at Winyah Bay in Georgetown, South Carolina, the second stop in the 2016 Bassmaster Elite Series. Britt Myers, winner of this tournament, joins Tommy Sanders in the studio as they discuss what happened. Watch Britt on the lake and see what he was doing differently with his bait. Knowing the tide and getting… Read more »

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  • 011800f_33659u_c

    Marty Robinson gives a few tips on approaching a body of water that you haven’t fished before. A good place to start is doing research on the internet. Once you have your information you’ll learn how to approach the lake. Try using Marty’s advice and get better results.

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  • 011816f_33675u_c

    Have you ever thought about your sunglass lens color when fishing? Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Ott Defoe shares a tip on how to select the right color sunglass lens for the condition you are facing. It does make a difference and using the right color lens on the right day may help you catch more… Read more »

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  • 011801f_33660u_c

    Fall can be one of the toughest seasons of the year for bass fishing and Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Marty Robinson has tips to share about this season of fishing. Bait fish are typically plentiful so trying to match the bait fish is key. Marty discusses working your bait faster in the fall as well.

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  • 011789f_33648u_c CHRIS LANE BOAT POSITIION - FREE

    Understand how important boat position is from Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Chris Lane. Power poles and positioning your boat are key in helping you catch more fish. Chris gives a great example!

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  • 011803f_33662u_c-Marty-Robinson-Jig-Preference

    Jig fishing is a great springtime technique. In this Bassmaster Academy video, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Marty Robinson has two different jigs and shares what conditions are best to use each in.

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  • 011785f_33644u_c Browning Spinnerbait

    Hear Stephen Browning’s tips on spinner baits and spinner bait blade combinations. He has several and explains what they are and when to use them. Try Stephen’s tips, experiment with blade combinations and you should start to catch more fish on a “re-born” spinner bait!

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  • chris-lane-on-selecting-rods-like-a-pro-013074

    Need some help selecting a rod? Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Chris Lane shares insight on what he looks for when it comes to length and the action of the rod. He explains why the action of the rod is crucial when you are fishing frogs, flipping, using crankbaits, and more. Also, find out what Chris… Read more »

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  • 011809f_33668u_c

    Figuring out the direction fish want the bait coming to or from can be key in boat positioning. In this Bassmaster Academy video, Ott Defoe shares 3 important guidelines on boat positioning. The first is taking into account any current that is on the lake. Follow Ott’s boat positioning guidelines and catch more bass.

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  • 010227f_33602u_c

    Hear pro angler Cliff Crochet’s valuable tips for fishing grass for bass. All grass can look the same but looking for something different is important. Cliff shares how he approaches different kinds of grass for the best results.

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  • 010226f_33601u_c

    Andy Montgomery explains that there is a lot to fishing docks and you can almost always find patterns within patterns. Identifying where the dock is, what type of bank it is sitting on and what type of dock it is are all important factors. There is a lot to docks and Andy shares tips that… Read more »

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